The company name Loquat is the English name of Biwa (fruit). Biwa has excellent medicinal effect and has been used for folk remedy since ancient times. Biwa leaves are used for hyperthermia and moxibustion therapy, and it has been popular as family therapy that everyone can easily do. It is known that Biwa has anti-cancer action, analgesic action, bactericidal action and so on.

As a fruit, Japan is unusually the world leader in production, and spreading production from Japan to Israel, Brazil etc. It has a very long history, brought to Japan from the country of origin, China, very early and has been bred for over 1000 years. We are obsessed with Biwa, we are aiming for fusing software technology and medical technology.

  • To deliver medical services that can be easily used anytime and anywhere
  • To spread it from Japan to the world
  • To work on improving society through our services

About Us

Company Name
Loquat Inc.
4F, #6 Kabutocho Hayama Bldg, 17-2, Nihonbashikabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0026
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Description of Business
Planning, research and development of medical support software / IT service