We've converted to KK and introduced a new company's logo

Entity has been changed to KK

We have changed our entity to KK on May 1st, the first day of new imperial era Reiwa. At the timing of this changing, we have converted to KK. We chose the first day of new era because of wishing for significant advance in this year.
This year, we are even more actively develop and provide our services.

Introduced new company logo

We have introduced new company logo with this change.

logo h GY

Our logo brings loquat drupe and leave to mind. L-shaped orange drupes represent the company. We support and spread green leaves. Green leaves represent medical herbs and feeling of life. Dynamically spreading leaves express a wish for health, safe, peace and affluent society.

We are aiming for realizing the world that our new logo is expressing.

New domain name

Our domain name has been changed from .io to .md. We have adopted more intuitive .md domain that our services are related to healthcare.

We appreciate your continuous support for Loquat.