Loquat Inc. joins the Microsoft for Startups program

Loquat Inc., providing integrated medical system FULMO and an online medical consultation service, joins the Microsoft for Startups program.

About Microsoft for Startups

About Microsoft for Startups: https://startups.microsoft.com

Integrated medical system - FULMO -

Japanese medical institutions are start to seek a new way like telemedicine to provide a medical service under coronavirus catastrophe. This enhances convenience for patients however, it worsen the productivity of medical insutitutions due to the scattered systems. Loquat Inc. is developing all-in-one medical system FULMO integrating telemedicine system and other next generation medical systems to improve the productivity of medical insutitutions.

Loquat Inc.

Loquat Inc. is founded by a physician and a software engineer and we are aiming for:

  • Improve the productivity of medical clinic
  • Eliminate people who can't access to advanced medical services.

About Us

Company name: Loquat Inc.
Esteblished in: 07/2016
Representative: KOBAYASHI Daigo
Businesses: Planning, research and development of medical support software/service